Sandy & Marc's Paris Engagement!

This post has been a long time coming, but seeing as how Sandy and Marc are getting married on Saturday (!!!!) I figured it would be a good idea to finally post these photos. This was a really, really special engagement shoot...I mean we shot it in Paris, which is pretty much the most beautiful, romantic place in the world. But also, because Sandy and Marc are just wonderful. They're funny and kind and quirky and they are so perfect for each other. They're one of those couples who just compliment each other in all the right ways. We ended up shooting over the course of two days (because we were in Paris, we just had to) and while the location was spectacular and pretty much unbeatable, having that time to really get to know the two of them and see how they click together was such a huge honor. I am so, so excited to finally share these photos with the world and just incredibly excited to be there when these two wonderful souls get married on Saturday. <3


Ashley & Henry's Airport Engagement Shoot

Ashley and Henry's engagement shoot was one of the most fun and challenging shoots that I've ever done. They came into the shoot with the desire to use their photos to illustrate the story of their relationship. Their relationship is pretty incredible, it spans 10 years and two cities...most of that time with Ashley in one city and Henry in Los Angeles. They wanted to choose locations that were meaningful in the context of their relationship. We started the day at their home, which Henry had recently moved into, with his cat...Ashley's cat was already a resident and there was plenty of drama surrounding that.  Then we went by the original McDonalds, because they love burgers and's sort of a thing for them (burgers and fries may or may not have made an appearance in their wedding). We ended the day at Bob Hope Airport, where Ashley had picked up Henry every time he flew to visit her.  Ashley and Henry are an amazing couple, they're relaxed and so very sure of who they are. They were just a joy to work with and the photos are some of my favorites. 

Lana & Alex's First Date Engagement Session

I always love it when couples choose places that are meaningful to them to have their engagement shoots done.  Lana and Alex had their first date at Griffith's Observatory and immediately decided upon that location for their engagement session.  Alex and Lana are adorable.  They're both crossfitters, which I love, of course. ;)  Alex is super quiet and Lana is a total goofball, which you'd never expect of Alex until he's around Lana.  They're so devoted to each other, it's just joy to be around them. It was a super crowded day, when we went, but somehow we managed to brave the crowds and get some pretty lovely shots.  Love you two!

Ivy and Tristan's Super Sweet, Stylish Engagement

One of the hardest parts about my job is writing these posts.  Not because I have nothing to say, but rather, because I love my couples so much and I love with working with them so completely, that I fear all of my posts will come out the same.  I really do feel incredibly lucky that I get to work with the smart, funny, utterly beautiful couples that I do.  Ivy and Tristan are such a special couple to me.  Ivy likes to say that "they did everything backwards."  They actually got married years ago and they have two whip smart, adorable sons. But they didn't get the chance to do a big wedding and so, a year ago, Tristan got down on one knee and asked Ivy to marry him...again.  Naturally she said yes.  We did their engagement shoot at the gorgeous San Juan Capistrano Mission and a little later at the beach, where they brought their sons to join us. They are such a fun couple to work with, they clearly love each other and their family so much and they just seem to love to laugh.  I just loved every moment of this shoot and by far the hardest part of the whole thing was choosing which photos, out of so many gorgeous options, were the best.  

Claudia & Marc's Beautiful Mission Engagement

So this post is a little behind...Claudia and Marc's wedding is in TWO days!! You guys...I'm so excited.  They're such a sweet couple.  Claudia is just the most vivacious, lovely person and Marc absolutely adores her.  They were both worried that being in front of the camera would be awkward, but they were total pros!  They were so relaxed and fun and I was just thrilled with the photos from the engagement session.  Looking over them now makes me so excited to shoot their wedding on Saturday!  

Paul & Christine's Chic Elopement Party

Paul and Christine have one of the sweetest love stories I've had the honor to be a part of and, to make it even more romantic, Paul flew Christine and her boys out to Paris where they eloped.  I know, right?  But they wanted to have a celebration with their friends here, in Los Angeles, so they threw an elopement tea in the Magnolia Room at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.  They brought back sweets from Paris and served gorgeous tea sandwiches and pastries.  Christine, who has pretty exquisite taste, designed the decorations and put together the signs they had on their table and guys... they put it all together in like a week.  It was such a beautiful, heartfelt event and Phi and I felt so lucky to be a part of it.  I'm seriously so happy for these two.  

Hair and Makeup was by Angie Lam of Angie Hair and Makeup,

Diana An of ModMIx Studios prepared the gorgeous table linens, chairs and the DJ services.

Cindy Mayo prepared the flowers.

James & Caroline's Sweet Orange County Wedding

James and Caroline had two ceremonies for their wedding.  They had a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in the morning and later that day had a church wedding.  Caroline has a really amazing eye for details, so she set up all sorts of lovely little decorations and details.  I totally loved the kimonos that she gifted her bridesmaids with and check out the adorable snowboard that they used in lieu their sign in book!  We shot their portraits at the beautiful Christ Cathedral (formerly the Crystal Cathedral) which was super stunning.  It was such an amazing day and James and Caroline are just the sweetest couple!  True love, guys.  For real.  

Holly & Ryan's Beautiful Wildflower Fall Wedding

You guys, I know I say this every time...but I just love the couples that I work with so much!  Holly and Ryan are so sweet and laid back, and they have the most amazing families ever.  They chose the gorgeous Rancho Beuna Vista Adobe, and this wedding was all DIY.  Holly's family put together the beautiful wildflower decorations and set up the table settings and her bridesmaids made their chalkboard signs while they were getting ready.  Don't even get me started on Holly and Ryan.  They are so completely in love and take so much joy in each other.  Ryan had the sweetest reaction to Holly's dress (spoiler: he really, really liked it :P) and Holly couldn't stop smiling during the ceremony.  It was such a beautiful day and I was just so honored to be a part of it.  Congratulations you two!  So much love...really.

Sane & Ernan's (literally) Steamy Engagement

Sane, Ernan and I scheduled their engagement shoot for late September, thinking that it would be perfect since all the plants would still be pretty (we did some of their shoot at the South Coast Botanical Gardens) and the weather wouldn't be too terribly hot.  Boy were we wrong.  We somehow managed to pick the hottest day of the year.  It had to have been at least a hundred.  I have to say, these two are troopers. It was so hot guys.  Seriously.  Somehow, though, Sane managed to keep looking cool, composed, and beautiful and Ernan was so upbeat and cheerful.  We finished the shoot in Ranchos Palos Verdes hanging out with their adorable pug, Mushi and it ended up being a super fun day.  

Kellie & Tim's Gorgeous Wedding

You guys, I am so far behind on updating this blog!  I've been crazy busy, and I have about five weddings to post and more coming in every day.   Anyhow, I shot Kellie and Tim's wedding a few months ago with the very talented Mike Purdy.  It was a super lovely wedding and Kellie and Tim are a super cute couple.  This is the first wedding I've ever shot where they walked up the aisle together to the intro from Game of Thrones.  Basically, Tim is a big nerd, they have an adorable little dog named Q-Tip, and they have the sweetest, most loving families ever.  Congratulations you two!   It was such an honor to be there for your wedding!

Toni & Tony's Anniversary

Toni and Tony are high school sweethearts and they recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary.   Toni is a major animal lover and wanted to include the entire family, including furry family members, in the photos, so we spent some time hanging out with their three pets.  They have two adorable dogs, Chiquita and Marley, and a new bunny whom Toni rescued off the street, named Dulce. They're such a super sweet couple, and so perfect together.  I had such a wonderful time shooting with them!