DIY wedding

James & Caroline's Sweet Orange County Wedding

James and Caroline had two ceremonies for their wedding.  They had a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in the morning and later that day had a church wedding.  Caroline has a really amazing eye for details, so she set up all sorts of lovely little decorations and details.  I totally loved the kimonos that she gifted her bridesmaids with and check out the adorable snowboard that they used in lieu their sign in book!  We shot their portraits at the beautiful Christ Cathedral (formerly the Crystal Cathedral) which was super stunning.  It was such an amazing day and James and Caroline are just the sweetest couple!  True love, guys.  For real.  

Holly & Ryan's Beautiful Wildflower Fall Wedding

You guys, I know I say this every time...but I just love the couples that I work with so much!  Holly and Ryan are so sweet and laid back, and they have the most amazing families ever.  They chose the gorgeous Rancho Beuna Vista Adobe, and this wedding was all DIY.  Holly's family put together the beautiful wildflower decorations and set up the table settings and her bridesmaids made their chalkboard signs while they were getting ready.  Don't even get me started on Holly and Ryan.  They are so completely in love and take so much joy in each other.  Ryan had the sweetest reaction to Holly's dress (spoiler: he really, really liked it :P) and Holly couldn't stop smiling during the ceremony.  It was such a beautiful day and I was just so honored to be a part of it.  Congratulations you two!  So much love...really.