San Juan Capistrano Mission

Ivy and Tristan's Super Sweet, Stylish Engagement

One of the hardest parts about my job is writing these posts.  Not because I have nothing to say, but rather, because I love my couples so much and I love with working with them so completely, that I fear all of my posts will come out the same.  I really do feel incredibly lucky that I get to work with the smart, funny, utterly beautiful couples that I do.  Ivy and Tristan are such a special couple to me.  Ivy likes to say that "they did everything backwards."  They actually got married years ago and they have two whip smart, adorable sons. But they didn't get the chance to do a big wedding and so, a year ago, Tristan got down on one knee and asked Ivy to marry him...again.  Naturally she said yes.  We did their engagement shoot at the gorgeous San Juan Capistrano Mission and a little later at the beach, where they brought their sons to join us. They are such a fun couple to work with, they clearly love each other and their family so much and they just seem to love to laugh.  I just loved every moment of this shoot and by far the hardest part of the whole thing was choosing which photos, out of so many gorgeous options, were the best.  

Claudia & Marc's Beautiful Mission Engagement

So this post is a little behind...Claudia and Marc's wedding is in TWO days!! You guys...I'm so excited.  They're such a sweet couple.  Claudia is just the most vivacious, lovely person and Marc absolutely adores her.  They were both worried that being in front of the camera would be awkward, but they were total pros!  They were so relaxed and fun and I was just thrilled with the photos from the engagement session.  Looking over them now makes me so excited to shoot their wedding on Saturday!